Donating for what?

The Berlin Airlift Association Fassberg in northern Germany is planning to erect a new building on the premises of the Berlin Airlift Museum.
The current buildings are not sufficient and adequate any more to host the exhibition of the Berlin Airlift. In addition to that, the numbers of our visitors have risen continuously in the past for which we need to compensate for.


In addition to that, the current buildings are not suitable for disabled persons. Also, they do not fulfill the requirements for educating young people and children during their visits to our museum. Tutoring young people on the Berlin Airlift and its values for the future is one of our key aims.


The exhibition area will be enhanced by an additional Nissenhut with about 150 square metres and a multifunctional reception building for visitors of about another 150 square metres.

Both buildings are constructed in such a way that they literally team up as one building. Together they accommodate cultural aspects, as well as welcoming visitors in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Looking from above, they also form the shape of an aircraft, the one and only FASSBERG FLYER.


Within the Nissenhut, we will be offering room for changing and rotating exhibitions about the Berlin Airlift, and other presentations. Furthermore, the community of Fassberg will have some room to present its history in detail.

The construction costs are estimated at about 600,000 Euros. This may, at first sight, this might sound rather expensive, However, this investment will not only enhance our museum but will also be part of a positive development of the community of Fassberg. The major has already announced that the community will also take its share for this new building. As Fassberg is situated in a remote area of northern Germany, it is difficult to offer appropriate cultural events. We therefore need to keep the population connected to our museum, and the Spirit of the Airlift alive.