Is my donation secure?

Yes, all donations will be secured by an especially developed platform, which will encrypt the transactions based on the latest technical standards.

Can I also donate by other means?

Yes, a donation can also be made by a direct transaction to the Berlin Airlift Association Fassberg. Nevertheless, a donation through this website is basically the same.

Will my personal data be published in the internet?

No, your personal data will be published in the internet without your permission. Should you wish to have your data published on one of the fragments, it is essential to fill out and sign the data privacy statement. You will then need to file it my letter or e-mail to the administrators of this website. The data privacy statement will be sent to you automatically after your donation.

Why is it necessary to also quote the fragment number?

The shaded picture shall motivate contributors. After the donation, the fragment will turn and be seen to clear. This can be seen as a small treat for individual contributors.
Without quoting the fragment number however, we cannot associate your donation with a specific picture particle. We also need the fragment number if you wish to have your personal or company data revealed on the picture piece. Basically, you are then the “owner” of this picture particle.